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introducing the

Artch Centering

100% handcrafted arch building tool.

Have you ever seen a balanced stone arch? Did you always think that it was some kind of really hard art form that only crazy fanatics ever did? Think again. This brilliant product is all about arch building. It’s a tool, called a centering, that supports the stones of your arch while you are constructing it. But it’s not just any old centering….

This original product boasts the ideal mixture of usefulness and simplicity. Want to build a large arch quickly to impress friends? No problem. What about a small arch in a weird spot? This tool has got you covered. It’s unique design allows for a range of arch shapes, thanks to the fact that it’s adjustable. It also collapses after you’re done building so it can easily be slipped from under the arch and used again. Oh, and you can continue to connect more units together to build bigger and bigger centerings! And it now has a completely redesigned bag that incorporates a holding pouch with a velcro flap. Plus, it secures your centering during travel, makes for easy carrying, and provides two handy loops for the pins. Of course, everything is Maine made; the centering is constructed out of #4 Maine Eastern White Pine, purchased in Maine, and the bag materials also support local Maine businesses. Everything is handmade by myself in Alna. You know you want it. Come on, you build arches with it! It’s not hard, it gets you outside, and doesn’t harm the environment! Not to mention that it can also be used to teach geometry and physics or used as a tool to build a traditional cob oven…. This fabulous product truly is the ultimate tool in versatile, outdoor, placed-based green art. Don’t miss out!

Tech Specs

Each unit is:

    -19" long (with a 21 inch curve length)

    -3.5" wide

    -4 holes 3 inches apart, two on each end

    -a pin is 7 3/4" long and 1 1/4" wide (at the widest point).

Arch Sizes (for one set; two units):

    -both pins in all the way: 10" tall by 30" wide (interior measurements)

    -one pin in all the way (smooth curve): 14.5" tall by 31.5" wide (interior measurements)

    -one pin all the way (gothic style arch): up to 17" wide by 20" tall (interior measurements)

    -largest semi-circle arch with Artch Centering: 5 peices, 48" wide by 24" tall (interior measurements)

   -largest I've personally built: approximately 4' wide by 5' tall (450 pounds; Curtis Island arch)

Set Includes:

    -2 adjustalbe wooden Artch Centering Units

    -2 centering holding pins

    -1 combination bag/carrying case with approximately 50 wooden arch shims


If you have any questions, please contact me at

Material Sources:

Wood: Hammond Lumber Company, Damariscotta, ME

Fabric: Onboard Fabrics, Edgecomb, ME

Printed Material: The Copy Shop, Wiscasset, ME

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